Computer Repair


Things happen, bring your computer in to be repaired, cleaned, or even upgraded. I am here to help if you find yourself having issues.


Computer Assembly
Computer Repair
Hard Drive File Retrieval
Virus Removal
And Much More


All work is calculated at a $20/hour rate and rounded down to the nearest quarter hour. Quarter hours are measured out every 15 minutes within a single hour of work. Cleaning out dust and easily removable debris is no cost to the client. Diagnosis of the issue(s) is also free of charge and if the problem(s) are not repairable the device will be returned to the client.

If the project requires parts to be ordered 50% to 75% of the cost of the part needs to be placed upfront depending on the cost of the part. After the part(s) are installed the release of the device will not be returned until payment is made in full.

No payment plans are available for any services within this service contract with the device released after the service is completed.

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